Previous Guests / Phone Interviewees Include:

- John Maus

- Dexter Holland, the Gringo Bandito and singer of The Offspring

- Kenny G

​- Gary Numan

- Corey Feldman

- Mac Demarco

-Story Musgrave, retired NASA astronaut

- Joey Chestnut

- Tenacious D: Jack Black & Kyle Gass

- Dr. Demento

- Jeff Krause, SoCal director of MUFON
- Susan Bennett, voice of SIRI
- Shotgun Tom Kelly (KEARTH 101)

- Tay Zonday
- DJ Dense, in-game DJ for LA Clippers

- Matt Tripplett, Professional Bull Rider
- Eric Andre, comedian

- Jonathan Katz, Dr. Katz Professional Therapist
- Joyce Manor, the band

- Jeremy Bolm, singer of Touche Amore

- Noodles, guitarist of The Offspring

- Dieter Ruehle, organist for Los Angeles Dodgers and LA Kings

- Larry Miller, CEO and Owner of Sit 'n Sleep

- Charles Phoenix

- Dennis Woodruff, world famous actor

- Russel Mael from Sparks (the band)

​- Byamba, professional Sumo Wrestler

- Wee Man ( Jason Acuna)

- Mikal Cronin

- Beefcake the Mighty from GWAR
​- John Basedow from FITNESS MADE SIMPLE
- Azeem Ward, flautist / celebrity UK internet sensation
- Bill Bayliss, Pilot of the Goodyear Blimp

​- Stu Mundel, aerial photo journalist (from the chopper KCBS, KCAL)

​- Matthew Banks from the BLUE MAN GROUP

- David Ragan, NACAR Driver
- Stella (Stray Pop)
-Joey Bologna, Driver of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

- Peanutters Matt-a-Damia, Crunchy Christine & Goober Gaby - Drivers of the Planters NUTmobile
- Harry Perry, legendary Venice Boardwalk street performer
-Ellis, driver of the Big Idaho Potato Truck​

- JP, Professional MonsterJam Truck Driver
-KXLU Fill-In DJ Georgie

- Paul De Lisle, bassist and co-founder of SMASH MOUTH
- Brooke, operator of ROBOSAURUS
- Penelope Spheeris, director (Wayne's World) and creator of "Decline of the Western Civilization I-III"

- Sad Boy Punk Songs aka Junior Diaz

- Clipper Darrell

- Nic from Everything is Terrible!
- 21 Kindergarteners 

​- 25 Third Graders

- The Whistling Diva

​- Polly from the Acrocats / Amazing Rock Cats

- Stuart Shapiro, founder of NIGHT FLIGHT

​- Buckets Blakes, player on the Harlem Globetrotters

- Dr. Chuck

- Mike Gealer, the Sax Man

​- Lora, Founder of ScareLA

- Mira Gonzalez, @miragonz on Twitter
- Lance and Liz from Permanent Records Los Angeles / Chicago
- OC Clown Sarah Cohen from Ringling Brothers "Circus XTREME"

- Jesse, Head Knight at Medieval Times
- Max Dean, Supervillian "Loki" from Marvel Universe Live
- Alex Bleeker of Real Estate
- The homies: Wyatt, Spencer, Nicolai, Kramer, Austin Williams, Gram, Kyle
- Dallas of Desaparecidos
- My Dad

- Plasma Globe

- Amy, woman responsible for "ChickenBoy" in Highland Park​
- HEALTH, the band

- William, survivor of FYRE FEST
- Sean Carlson from FYF Fest
- Dallas Clayton
- Ramy, organizer from the Reptile Super Show

​- David Frei, expert analyst from the National Dog Show

- Oliver Hall from
- ​Zed Cutsinger, local celebrity
- Elvin Estela (DJ Nobody) from Low End Theory

- Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary

​- Alex from Glasshouse Record Store
- Jeffery Gacad, penguin handler from the Aquarium of the Pacific
- Diggity Dog Donald - Driver of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

- Vermin Supreme
- Kershona Mayo, Organizer of "Make Music Pasadena"
- Eric Brousseau from Montreal, QC

- Mike from "Blood and Steel" Doc

- Cast of "Terminator Too" Live
- Neil from Origami Vinyl
- Iga
- Graeme from Church off York

- Tom Coston from Pasadena Doo Dah Parade
- David Liebe Hart
- PJ from Goldiepup Presents
- Collin, 'Try It Cove' organizer at LA Boat Show
- Emily, Sean and Christine from Origami Vinyl

- My brother Drew
- EvDawg Evan Weiss from JUNK / Harsh Toke Podcast

- Preston from Shit Giver

- Jordan Blilie from The Blood Brothers & Head Wound City

- John Kilduff, Let's Paint TV

​- Tommy, owner of Valley Relics Museum

​- Traps Ps, the band

- Rene from VIVA! Pomona

 -Duncan Smith, of Resident DTLA

​- Todd Leduc, driver of METAL MULLISHA monster truck

​- Dani Cremona, zookeeper from LA Zoo

- Riley + Martin of Sound and Fury Fest​

- Ed the Pirate from Pirate's Dinner Adventure​

- Jeff Reitz @Disney366, who has been to Disneyland everyday for 5+ years

​- Jon from LASERIUM Van Nuys​​

- Fash, attempting to set record for World's Longest Pizza

- Fred from KSURF 1260 AM

- Jfron

- Abbey Londer, RIOT LA

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